Super Smash Spiral

In this letter I reveal the depths of my gamer degeneracy. Enjoy!

Serious content warning for sexual assault and CSA

This one’s very long, so click here to open in a new window if you’re reading from your inbox.


  • There is so much about parasociality, fan culture, and how it relates to sexuality and gender that I only alluded to but never deeply explored in this piece. I definitely want to make more work about those topics and generally just write more about video games, since I have such a tense relationship with it. If you’re a smash head and have also been following these events, let me know what you think.

  • Also, what are you obsessed with right now, game-wise? Among Us? Chess? Call of Duty? Candy Crush? Something better? Please let me know. (I’m sorry to non-gamers!!)